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SAIC Motor:How Design Next Generation EEA

日期: 2019-10-09
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SAIC Motor:How Design Next Generation EEA

                               SAIC Motor:How Design Next Generation EEA

Presenation Topics: With the advancement of 5G technology, China's automotive network communication market has great potential. 'Electrical, intelligent, networked, and shared' has become the consensus of the automotive industry, and cars have gradually turned from ordinary vehicles to smart ones. The travel tools provide customers with an unlimited experience of entertainment, information, connectivity and more. How to design a new generation of electrical architecture, which can ensure the scalability, stability and reliability of traditional functions, and meet the needs of open-type in-vehicle information services, has become a critical topic of general concern in the industry. This presentation will share to you our practices on existing platforms and models, as well as some of our thoughts and explorations on the future of intelligent networked vehicles.

Speaker: Huidong Zhai , Architecture Engineer, E&E Department of SMPV, SAIC Group

Bio: Mr. Huidong Zhai is mainly responsible for development of vehicle electrical architecture, vehicle electrical function distribution and basic strategy development. In 2008, he graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology and joined electrical integration testing ofSMPV. From 2008 to 2011, he was responsible for the integration testing of severalmassive product projects. In 2011, he was transferred to the ElectricalArchitecture Section to participate in the development of the E2A electrical architectureof SAIC, mainly responsible for the basic strategy of vehicle, such as powermode and power consumption management which is the basic technology for remoteservice, intelligent driving. Also responsible for E2A architecture implementedin MGGS, Roewe RX5.

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