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3M Intelligent Network Road Assisted Intelligent Transportation Facilities

日期: 2019-09-05
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In the “China Automated Driving Test and Verification Technology Innovation Forum” organized by GRCC, Mr. Huang Sizhe, Technical Manager of Traffic Safety Products Department of 3M China R&D Center, shared with us 3M research and case sharing on autonomous driving and intelligent network.

3M Intelligent Network Road Assisted Intelligent Transportation Facilities

Autopilot and intelligent network are a direction and an ultimate form of future driving. The transportation infrastructure is an indispensable part of the process of achieving such a direction. The current form of transportation infrastructure is diverse, and everyone has their own ideas, but in the end they will all tend to be consistent.

In the intelligent network, first of all, our car needs to be intelligent and automated, and at the same time, the car needs to generate communication, and it will also generate linkage. With so many demands, how do we ensure the safety of traffic? Safety is our most important need, especially for the safety of people. Security actually requires the simplification of our operations and sufficient redundancy. The simplification of operations requires us to make some rules. With these rules, we can make our algorithms and the things we have to do more simple, if not everyone Obey the rules, then the algorithm will be very complicated, and the energy and consumption of the required processor will be very large. The second need to provide sufficient redundancy, what is this security redundancy, in some automatic driving accidents, some of the camera's perception has made a mistake, and a wrong judgment is made; some of the information given by the sensor is correct, but he did not This information is strong enough to pass to the processor, causing no action, etc. These are all redundant with insufficient security. In the case where one or a certain sensor generates a misjudgment or the information in the process of information transmission is lost, we have to have other alternatives to ensure security. Therefore, we need more means to provide security redundancy to ensure better and faster development of our autonomous driving and intelligent networked vehicles.

3M Intelligent Network Road Assisted Intelligent Transportation Facilities

Finally, Mr. Huang summed it up for us: In order to cope with the upcoming era of intelligent networked vehicles, changes in road transportation infrastructure are necessary. Only by standardizing these next-generation infrastructure and sensing components can real road coordination be achieved; In real traffic scenarios, sufficient road information redundancy is the key to achieving driverlessness.

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