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A NICE CITY Intelligent Driving Test

日期: 2019-08-28
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Shanghai, China, June 27, 2019 – In the “The 2nd China Automated Driving Test and Verification Technology Innovation Conference ”, Tong Baofeng, Director of Test and Certification Department of Shanghai Intelligent Network Automotive Innovation Center (Shanghai Hao Intelligent Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.) Mr. attended the conference and gave a wonderful speech. After the speech, Tong’s questions from the guests included: the construction of the three-dimensional map of the simulated environment in the closed area; whether the autopilot test standards will be unified in the future; the differences in test standards and the multi-target and minimum number required for the scene test. The key issues of development give an authoritative answer.


A NICE CITY Intelligent Driving Test


In the keynote speech session, Tong Zong first explained the development plan of the automatic driving test, and divided the development of the automatic driving test into four stages: the first stage closed test and experience area, the second stage open road test demonstration area, and the third stage typical city. Comprehensive demonstration zone, fourth phase demonstration city + shared transportation corridor. It is hoped that by 2020, the demonstration zone will strive to become China's intelligent network of advanced technology research and development, product verification and display release window, standard specification research and development and inspection and verification base, as well as intelligent networked automobile industry incubation base, talent highland, industry and Capital gathering place. How to achieve these four steps to achieve the industrialization of autonomous driving, we need to carry out a corresponding platform construction. Then Tong introduced us to their 6+3 model based on six functional platforms and three service bases to carry out the corresponding platform construction, which is the front-end common technology research and development platform, product technology testing and certification platform, and standard specification research and development platform. Data, information security evaluation platform, technology achievement transformation incubation platform, integrated innovation and application demonstration platform six platforms and high-end talent training base, mechanism system innovation base, international exchange and cooperation base three bases. And one by one for the guests to carry out detailed demonstrations and demonstrations.


Afterwards, Tong Zong introduced his own company, Shanghai Intelligent Networking Automotive Innovation Center and some of China's major intelligent networked automobile innovation centers. He believed that the current center of the Innovation Center should be to serve the government and service industry. Serving the government: such as policy and regulation innovation, infrastructure innovation, market system innovation, talent cultivation innovation, support the relevant government departments to build and open the open road test environment, accelerate the demonstration application and commercial landing of the autopilot industry; service industry: operation mode innovation , testing technology innovation, standard specification innovation, testing service innovation. Service automatic driving new technology test and verification, accelerate new technology on the train, new cars on the road.


A NICE CITY Intelligent Driving Test


The automatic driving scene library is an important part of the automatic driving test. Tong Zong introduced the construction of the driving scene library in detail with the company's practical cases. By the end of 2018, the Shanghai Intelligent Networking Automotive Innovation Center has more than two million kilometers. Real traffic data, including V2X network communication scene data, traffic accident scene data, site test scene data, and natural driving scene data. Tong hopes to provide scene support and data services for the development, testing and verification of intelligent networked vehicles by building a driving scene library for China's typical road environment. It is hoped that such a scene library will be built to support simulation verification, Vehil testing, and hardware testing. , closed field testing and some testing of open roads. Next, Mr. Tong elaborated on the Vehil test, closed field test and open road test of the intelligent network test.


The intelligent network testing of Vehil test and intelligent networked vehicle hardware testing in the loop test is an indispensable part of the intelligent network testing tool chain, a test method between virtual test and real vehicle road test Compared with road testing, it has the advantages of safety, high efficiency, controllability and repeatability. It can meet high-risk scenario testing and low fault tolerance testing, which can greatly shorten the development cycle of intelligent networked vehicles and reduce costs.

A NICE CITY Intelligent Driving Test


The closed field test is a link in front of the open road test of the vehicle. The purpose is to support the open road test, in order to ensure that the vehicle is safe enough to enter the open road. For closed field testing, it is necessary to improve test equipment, complete single-target and multi-target collaborative scene testing capabilities, and need to build closed-area testing and evaluation standards. Only in this way can we ensure vehicle safety to open road testing. Afterwards, Tong Zong showed these constructions through his own practical cases and provided some solutions to some of the current major problems, which provided a direction for the vehicles to go to the road earlier and safer.


For the open road test, because the open road environment is more diverse and relatively uncontrollable, the first need for supervision of open road testing requires the construction of an open road supervision platform: the construction platform visualization system, based on the visualization of high-precision maps, can be accurately known The location and driving environment of the car, paving the way for open road testing; building a platform safety management module, dynamic monitoring of vehicle testing behavior, ensuring driving safety; building platform data analysis system, testing vehicle behavioral capability images, providing enterprises with more real, A more in-depth analysis to help companies understand their own problems. The second need to build an environment for open road testing. It is necessary to build a V2X communication environment. V2X can be used to understand the road environment such as traffic light signals and blind spots on the road. Provide a more friendly environment for the automatic driving of vehicles by constructing an intelligent traffic road.


Finally, Tong Zong believes that autopilot testing and evaluation needs a standardization, and a series of corresponding standardizations should be developed to promote the development of autonomous driving.


Speaker Profile: Tong Baofeng, Director of Testing and Certification Department of Shanghai Intelligent Auto Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Intelligent Network Automotive Innovation Center). Responsible for the Shanghai Intelligent Network Linked Vehicle Open Road Test Closed Zone Test, has completed more than 10 enterprise closed zone testing work, has rich experience in intelligent networked car closed zone testing, presided over the 'Shanghai Intelligent Network Linked Vehicle Closed Road Test and Evaluation procedures are prepared. He has published 1 article and 5 patents.


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““The 2nd China Automated Driving Test and Verification Technology Innovation Conference ” CADT 2019”

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