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Blockchain driven crowdsourcing hd map with win win New model

日期: 2019-04-30
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GoWithMi is the first global distributed map platform supporting multi-chain, including original decentralized map data production, decentralized map services, and spatial digital real estate. The goal is to collaborate with global users to create a new generation of location-based chain network infrastructure, and to provide spatial application protocols to deploy real-world business for all public chains, so that the spatial location-based information of real-world people and objects, the movement trajectory information and the resulting supply and demand matching relationship big data to securely connect to smart contracts, fully supporting the distributed reconstructions of smart travel, advertising, O2O, sharing economy, high-precision maps, etc., leading into a new era of mutual benefit economy.

GoWithMi Mapchain Token, abbreviated as GMAT, with a total circulation of 14.9 billion, is a system endogenous, tool attributes value metric and incentive tool, is an original token that drives the GoWithMi map public chain computing power running and ecological construction. 

Allow the blockchain industry and the map and its related industries empower each other, complement the last part of the blockchain empowers entities with the distributed map, and reconstruct the map industry and its associated location-based service application full ecosystem through the blockchain. In the upcoming “China Autonomous Driving HD Live Map Innovation Conference (HDMap2019) ” to be held on the 23rd – 24th May 2019 in Beijing, Mr. Oliver Li, the Founder & CEO of GoWithMi will give a keynote presentation on the topic of ' Blockchain driven crowdsourcing hd map with win win New model '. that helps Map industry to resolve the pain points of traditional map centralized production method that is difficult to balance the low-cost and high-quality, real-time, global indifference coverage, especially it is unable to meet the real-time high-precision map demands for autonomous driving.   

Do not miss out !  Register HDMap 2019 now to learn creating a token incentive crowdsource map based on algorithms, incentive distributed consensus production for global users, consider low cost, high precision, real-time, VR and global coverage, completely change the traditional map centralized production method.

For more speakers and topics of HDMap2019 please click here to download the Agenda. 

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' China HD Live Map Development Innovation Conference 2019 ” will provide you with a precious  platform to learn about key growth opportunities in the marketplace; discover how technology companies are developing solutions for autonomous cars, leading to investments in the mapping market; and build up sustainable and profitable business partnership. Register Now to Join this China leading dedicated and foucused autonomous driving HD map industry gathering event in China to secure your success in 2019 and beyond!

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