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TomTom and Denso join the Autonomous Driving HD Map Conference China 2019

日期: 2019-03-12
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DENSO and TomTom have co-developed the automatic updating HD Map content, the system. The system has been composed of Roadagram and CPP (Contents Production Platform). Roadagram means that in-vehicle camera or such in-vehicle sensor data retrieval data which is normalized and characterized into a kind of symbolic data, the in-vehicle system. CPP means that cloud computer, processing the uplinked data file, filtered and analyzed them into the true data, then the true data have been compared the HD Map, finally judged if there is the data which has been changed now, that is the update data itself.

Automatic HD Map update system has also featured as dynamic contents generation, such as traffic information, especially a jam tail generation. Dr. Zheng Liu, the Chief EXpert of Denso China will present at the upcoming ' China Autonomous Driving HD Map Conference 2019' to be held on the 23-24 May Beijing with the toopic of  ' Automatic HD Map update by in-vehicle camera probe data abstraction and on-time generation of  jam by the system '. Dr. Liu is going to show a jam tail finding as such the dynamic data by Roadagram and Contents Production Platform.

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