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OBD Vehicle Networking Mode

日期: 2016-07-11
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 Car and the Internet, after experiencing the 2015 Shanghai auto show, become unprecedented intimacy. One hanging "car networking" label new products frequently become market suction eye weapon, and they outline of depicting the future automobile society "picture" is market and investors repeatedly verify.
Automotive Secretary: OBD vehicle networking game in which, by the car asked the Secretary of automobile network launched the car networking OBD products will undoubtedly become the to force in the car this traditional industrial territory marching, and car Secretary CEO shame advocated by users, 4S shop and maintenance service providers service system platform model seems to be breaking of the OBD vehicle networking mode.
Car Secretary: Car networking OBD breaking the core of the car Secretary of the car is the car networking, is a cloud, tube, end system. The end system is vehicle data collection system for collecting vehicle operation data and upload to the cloud system. This system is composed of the OBD data acquisition module, GPS data acquisition module, the G - sensor module, a GSM communication module; system cloud is a big data platform, used for storage by the end system to collect data, and the data of mining, analysis; tube systems are located above the cloud system, using cloud system analysis and mining results, for the realization of vehicles, owners, maintenance and service provider of unified management and o2o function.
For the owner, the car Secretary brings a new experience:
Owners can be a key car physical examination, when the car secretary found that the vehicle will take the initiative to the police after the alarm, so the owner can be more active understanding of vehicle safety and performance.
In addition, the owner can carry out a one-stop service experience through the Secretary of the car, you can complete the car maintenance service appointment, maintenance payments and maintenance assessment by car Secretary App online;
When the owner of the vehicle when there is a problem, you can also communicate with the 4S store through the Secretary of the car, the owner can through the information release system and real-time online chat system, so as to solve their own problems.
Car Secretary: Car networking OBD breaking the board has a special function is to record the owner's driving habits, analysis and give the owner a better driving advice. When a month a driving habits back to the owners, you will be able to understand to fuel consumption, rapid acceleration, anxious to slow down, emergency brake, emergency turn more data, to better improve their driving behavior.
And for the 4S shop and repair shop on this platform, the car Secretary can be said to provide a better platform for exchange of communication.
Car Secretary: Car networking OBD breaking the bureau can assist 4S shop for vehicle management, vehicle networking to provide real-time data, historical data. When the user's vehicle occurs after the active fault alarm, 4S stores can be informed by the system and to help users solve the problem. Improve customer satisfaction rate. And when the user's vehicle to reach the maintenance mileage, 4S shop can also be warm prompt users to do maintenance, thereby improving the rate of return to plant maintenance services;

Automotive Secretary CEO Yu Yu also special mention, and before the OBD products on the market is different, the car secretary is through the 3G network to upload vehicle information in real time, improve the efficiency of. The use of hardware and software are the most advanced products, the failure rate of less than 1/10000. And the automotive Secretary products still in the continuous upgrading, in the future it will be built into a cover change, keep a car, car is one of the car networking platform, help with in the car, owning a car, change, repair of each link cost savings.

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