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日期: 2017-05-27
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1, this year's auto related activities free participation, including: Car networking conference, vehicle network information security conference, electric vehicle charging infrastructure industry conference and other activities sponsored by the follow-up.

2 terms of service, including: 2 days after the meeting, Forum & Exhibition speakers speech PPT (* Note: part of speech PPT because the speakers will not be able to provide the machine company), with a participation in the activities of audio and video data,

3, free to participate in online discussions, 4 free in the official website to download the report last year purchase industry companies, the latest report, the company can enjoy twenty percent off 5 other colleagues participated in this annual event can be used when membership registration held by the membership card. (one person per card limit) 6. Provide professional industry consultants, and provide one to one industry consulting service for member enterprises

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